Friday, September 7, 2012

To Garmin or Not to Garmin?

I am contemplating my most expensive running related purchase (dreadmill excluded!)

To Garmin or not to Garmin?  That is the question.

I recently read Younger Next Year.

Great book.  Highly recommend.

It addresses the need to exercise with heart rate in mind once you hit your mid 30's and above.  The author's supply information about the medical and cosmetic benefits of exercising based on your heart rate and using a heart rate monitor to do so.

I am currently looking at some different models of heart rate monitors, some starting below a hundred dollars.  But, I have heard some great things about Garmin and am wondering if I should spend the extra money and go that route.

I would love some feedback from everyone.  Do you use a heart rate monitor?  Do you own a Garmin?  What are the benefits you have seen?  What Garmin model do you have?  Share away!


  1. My mom has a heart rate monitor and I use it ALL the time. It helps me to know how hard I'm working out! And at the end of the workout it will show me a chart of my heart rate throughout the workout, as well as the highest bpm that I got up to. I can't give you much help about what model to get, but I highly recommend getting one!

    1. Going to do some investigating on Amazon today. Wound up with some unexpected free time so I might as well put it to use!