Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Phew!  Another week half way done.  The days are speeding by so quickly.  Soon, I will be posting pictures of myself in woolen mittens and big LL Bean winter boots on Wednesdays.

For now though, its still capri's, short sleeves and dresses with bare legs.

But first, today's jewelry.  I've been taught by a very good friend that a girl really has to have SOME priorities!

Pearls are a great way to dress up a denim shirt.  

My silver charm bracelet - which I WON in an online contest!

This was the whole outfit.  
Land's End light pink, fit 2 capri pants.
Ann Taylor denim shirt.
Guess sandals.  (Found at Marshall's for $10!)

Yes folks, that is right - $10!  
Ignore my toe.  It got hurt.  I crazy glued my toenail back on and all seems well now.
I mentioned I'm a redneck on the inside right? Hence the crazy glue.

Bonus this week!  Extra pictures from Monday and Tuesday!
Target t-shirt.  On sale right now for $7!
Gap Outlet grayish/brown capri's.
Land's End driving moc's in dusty rose.

It was cold most of the day, so I threw on a sweatshirt.  
But I jazzed it up with this pin from H&M.

Eeek!  That carpet is going soon and I can't wait.  Looks even worse in photos.
But, this is the only full length mirror in the house and I change the second I get home so I can
walk the dog before the kids get off the bus.

This dress was a super bargain at the Gap Outlet. 
There was racks of them, marked down to $12 a piece.
And guess what I had in my coupon folder?
That's right, a $10 Gap coupon.

I didn't wear any jewelry except for my watch and a small strand of stones.  The picture didn't come out well, so I didn't include it.  So, I went with leopard print ballet flats.  They are from Target.  If you want to see some really good outfits that go with these shoes, check out The Pleated Poppy, a blog I link to every Wednesday for What I Wore Wednesday.  I actually found that blog when I tracked back an outfit on Pinterest that I loved.  Lo and behold, it was Lindsey, the author of the Pleated Poppy in an outfit she posted on a What I Wore Wednesday post.  

I didn't realize how often I wear running shoes or my Converse All Stars until I went back to work.  Today, a package arrived from Land's End with a pair of navy driving mocs.  I imagine that next week's post will have at least one (or two!) photos of me wearing them.  Or perhaps the new Tretorns I treated myself to.  

Check back next week to find out!


  1. LOVE pearls with denim. You look great in capris, by the way, and I want those shoes. Are they from this season? You can never have too many flats.

    1. I got them in the late spring. I would check out online. I am actually contemplating a pair of leopard print bucks by Steve Madden over at Zappos. Thought they would look great with jeans and a white shirt.