Monday, September 17, 2012

Required Reading

Gone Girl.  So good.

That. Is. All.

No, seriously, I highly recommend this book.  It has been the first time in a long time that a book has made me want to stay up past my bedtime.

Now, I have to seek out others who have read it so I can discuss it with them.  And I have one friend in particular that I am going to push to read it because I am interested in her take on the dynamics presented as a major piece of the story.

In addition to the plot being interesting and well planned, the writing itself is excellent.  No one can accuse Gillian Flynn of phoning this one in.  Her spot on the New York Times Bestsellers is well earned.

I am leery of starting my next book, as I am not sure it can match up.  THAT is the bad part of reading something that is very well crafted.

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