Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Try It Tuesday

Sometimes when we set goals, we fail at reaching them.  So be it.

I had planned on trying something each week from my Pinterest account.  An issue that cropped up is that I wanted to first move some of the pins from my private Pinterest account, to a public one linked with this blog.  I sort of just kept putting it off.  I did set up an additional account, but moving pins from one to the other has been more difficult than I anticipated.  Slowly but surely, I am figuring it out.

Now I have done that and the testing can begin!

Or so I thought.

First road block.  I never actually pinned the tip I was going to try this week and then share today.  I have been looking and looking for it, but no luck.  I have also been searching for a saying about weddings that I thought was wonderful, but obviously not wonderful enough to either remember it, or pin it!  I am suffering from Pinterest regret :(

But I am the kind of gal that throws caution to the wind.  And you WILL forgive me when I share this tip with you.  Because it works INCREDIBLE and you will LOVE me and ADORE me for sharing it with you.

Are you ready?  Because this is a game changer.

We eat a lot of enchiladas around here.  We also eat a lot of chicken salad, and salad with chicken in it. And a lot of chicken noodle soup and chicken rice soup.  Chicken and broccoli.  Get it?  We eat a lot of chicken.  But cutting and cooking chicken can be time consuming and a pain in the tush.  Did I mention I was about to share a game changer?

Do you see that?  That is a load of shredded, cooked chicken.  It is just begging and waiting to be added to an enchilada, to soup or to any other recipe you have.  If necessary, it will sit in a freezer bag in your freezer until you need to whip something up.  And it was so simple to get to this point.

 While boneless chicken breast cook in boiling water on your stovetop, pull out the Kitchen Aid mixer and put this attachment on.  I am sure it has a name, but I have no idea what it is.  Ree would know.  I love her - for many more reasons than the fact that she would know the name of this.

Remove the chicken from the boiling water once it is done.  If they went in frozen, they need to be in there about 40 minutes.  If they were thawed, 25 to 30 minutes will work.  These HAVE to go into the mixing bowl HOT!

I put three breast in at a time.  In hindsight, I probably could have done more at once.

I turned the mixer on to 3 and let the mixer work its magic.

Here is its magic.  Look at that beautiful shredded chicken!  I shredded an entire family package of boneless breasts.  I put 1/3 of it in the enchilada's we had that night.  I used a bit of the rest to make enough chicken salad for all of us to use for lunch for 2 days.  The rest went into a freezer storage bag to be used when I want to make a quick batch of chicken noodle soup.

Since recently returning to work, I have found my biggest challenge to be getting a healthy dinner on the table.  When I get home from work, I can either walk my dog or start making dinner before I have to get at least 1 kid to a practice field.  My dog (and I!) deserve that walk.  This weekend, I am going to do another batch of shredded chicken and then plan my weekly menu around it and the use of my crock pot.

Now that I have shared this tip with you, feel free to spread the love and share with me any ideas you have on how to incorporate shredded chicken into a recipe I may not have thought of making.

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