About Me

I am a 40 year old SAHM.  I love to read, to run, to spend time with my family and friends.  I prefer the beach to the ski slopes, but you will still find me on both depending on the time of year.  I love AND like my husband and my kids.

I have very few pictures of myself - realizing this as a result of trying to find one to post here.  I am going to have to do something about that!  Too many years spent whispering to myself that I don't look good enough to take a picture.

I am the recipient of two corneal transplants as well as donated tissue used following my enucleation.  I am forever grateful to my donors and their families that chose to follow their wishes.  I spend a lot of time encouraging people who want to be donors to make their families aware of their decision.  Putting it on your driver's license is not enough.  

I am in awe of most of the women who host popular blogs.  They look fantastic, dress great, concoct fun crafts for their kids and make lamps out of milk cartons - it amazes me!  I'm not that woman. I have 15 to 20 pounds to lose.  I have great clothes in my closet, but am too busy cleaning to risk wearing any of them.  I hate crafts and one of the greatest days as a parent was throwing out the "busy box".  I don't make anything for my home; I'm too busy watching trashy reality tv and reading other people's blogs.

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