Friday, September 14, 2012

Gone Girl

Should have drafted some extra posts a few days ago to have ready to upload.  Because, this girl is gone - reading that is!

I have been on the waiting list at my library for weeks and finally, last night I got the call that Gone Girl was waiting for me on the hold shelf.  I know I could have bought it sooner, but I am a huge patron of the library and find that books aren't something I am willing to spend money on.  I have a few copies of some tried and true favorites, and a number of books I have bought used.  But my primary source is the library.  An added bonus is that I have become adept at reserving books before they are even released, and am often one of the first in que.  I will visit Amazon's best seller lists and find items by favorite authors or in a genre I favor and then open up the library's page and start requesting items.  Saves me a lot of money - which I use to buy my kids' books.

I have heard many a good thing about this book.  Just this weekend I eavesdropped on a conversation between two moms at my daughter's soccer game.  They both belonged to the same book club and one mom had finished the book and the other had just started.  Regardless of where they were in the book, they both seemed to like it.

I usually try to stay away from books and movies that others are raving about.  I'm usually certain that they will never live up to the hype.  I didn't enjoy The Hangover as much as I may have if I hadn't been expecting MORE.  I was excited to read Eat, Pray, Love and then hated it.  I wanted to see what all the fuss was in regards to Fifty Shades of Gray/Grey? (who cares really!) and found myself suppressing giggles through 90% of it.  I don't mean blushing "oh my" giggles.  I mean snorting giggles as I imagined the author with her bags of cash for writing like a 14 year old girl, both in style and skill.  

So, if I am a gone girl for a few days, it is due to Gone Girl.  I will be sure to update you and let you know if it is worth your time.

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