Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

French Connection Dress (Macy's clearance rack, 2011)
Mila Paoli sandals ( look exactly like Jack's, don't they?)

I have hardly gotten out of shorts and t-shirts this summer.  I don't mind heat, but I hate humidity.  If I'm not running, and I'm sweating, guaranteed crankiness.  So dressing this summer has consisted of a lot of baby powder and non-binding clothing.  I have been following a blog called  The Pleated Poppy and the author started the idea of what I wore Wednesday to motivate herself to get out of sweat pants every day.  I've been inspired to try, but darn, it has been HUMID people!

Today however, I had a meeting with our financial advisor.  I admit, I considered going there in running clothes and then hitting the Back Cove trail for a run.  But then I remembered we would also be meeting some of the other members of the team and thought showing up looking like a bum may not inspire them to work magic with my money.  So I went with this.

I actually wanted to wear pink today.  Today was wear pink day to help show support for families dealing with FA.  What is FA you ask?  Fanconi Anemia is a genetic form of anemia that leads to bone marrow failure.  Wearing pink today would show families that lost children to FA, that have children in the hospital for transplants and families that hold their breath every year hoping their child's biopsy returns with good results that we are aware of FA and keeping them in our thoughts and prayers.  

I didn't wear pink today.  Not because I didn't want to.  I have one pink, short sleeved shirt.  And not only was it in the hamper, it was underneath two wet wash clothes, so there was no way I could wear it today.  

But maybe I could do something better.  Something that would show all those families out there that are dealing with their child's FA diagnosis, that just because I didn't wear pink, that I wasn't not thinking of them today.  Maybe I could help spread the word.  Maybe someone who stumbled across my blog would be inspired to raise money for research.  Maybe someone would do what I did, and register with the Natiional Bone Marrow Registry, and be an available donor when a FA family gets the news that their child is at the point that they need a bone marrow transplant.

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  1. Hi! I popped over from The Pleated Poppy b/c I loved the striped dress, but I had never heard of FA so you've educated at least one person today. :) Have a great week!