Thursday, August 23, 2012

Summer Loving

Oh. My. Word.

Summer is over.  My kids go back to school a week from today.  Where did it go?

We've only been to the beach once.  I still have a Groupon for the water park.  We haven't been to Car Wars at the local track yet!  I don't have a single shot of my kids jumping off the rock wall and into the pond down the road from us!

We had a great summer.  Lots of doing nothing.  And we needed that.  No one kid is over scheduled, but as a family, we are pushing our limits during the school year.  3 kids in organized activities, 1 husband who travels a lot for work, 1 house on the far outskirts of town (meaning far away from athletic fields/facilities & far away from carpooling options) and 1 mom getting everyone back and forth  equals chaos from late August to late June.

I'm looking at my calendar as I type this and am distressed to see all the doctor and dentist appointments this last week.  It will make it a lot harder to fit in the other things I want to get done.  As will the 2 hour soccer and football practices in the evening.  And the extended forecast; calling for rain.

But I've got this.

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