Sunday, November 18, 2012

Products I Love

I love Stella Thunderpaws.

Who wouldn't?  This dog is the bee's knees.

But the shedding, oh the shedding.  I have to vacuum every single day or else the hair is everywhere.  I have light maple wood floors and her black hair is very noticeable if I don't get it all up.  I brush her once a week and that has seemed to help.

I have a whole collection of dog brushes.

I started with this one:

And it worked okay.  But it seemed to scratch Stella's skin and she did not enjoy getting brushed.  And, as you can see from the photo, it is hard to get clean.

This contraption worked pretty well, but can take a lot of time.  First, you have to brush it backwards against the dog's hair and then go with the hair. To use it properly, you have to lean over the dog and it can strain your back.  Plus, Stella likes to try and steal it and run around the yard with it, hence the tooth marks in the handle.

This rake works really well.  Again, you first go against the dogs hair and then with the natural lay of the hair.  It takes out a bunch of hair, but, seems to trigger something in Stella. It must irritate her skin because after a bit, she starts going nuts and running around like someone snuck some meth in her food.

And here it is folks.  The clear winner!  I discovered this tool through a friend.  I was mentioning my incessant need to vacuum and get up all the hair.  She whipped this puppy out.  Its the ShedMaster, and I believe they should give it an even more awesome, Tim the Toolman-type name.  Such as, the ShedMaster 2000!

See those teeth?  Those teeth work magic.  They "grab" the dogs hair.  As you brush the dog you can feel the slight tug.  Yet, it doesn't hurt the dog; its not yanking the hair out of the dog's skin, but rather pulling the loose hair out of the other, attached hair.  Stella loves it.  She will lay in the yard and let me brush her.  She will even roll over and let me brush her belly.  Those teeth are rounded, so they don't scratch or irritate the dog's skin.

The hair self cleans itself out.  As you brush, it floats away in clumps.  I just rinse it off each time as Stella Thunderpaws often has pond dirt mixed in her hair.  She is a beautiful, but dirty dog.  She follows my boys everywhere and as such, she comes home as dirty as their muck boots.

I found the ShedMonster here.  It is also available on Amazon or at Walmart stores.


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    1. Thank you! She is just the best dog ever. And after scaring away a man who tried to break in to our home a short while ago (while my boys were home!) I love her even more!

      Sorry I didn't reply earlier, I've been having trouble with my computer.