Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

I took two weeks off from my WIWW post.  Most of the people who read my posts are from my hometown, and they got hit hard by Hurricane Sandy.  It seemed a bit shallow to be posting about clothing choices when so many of them had their homes damaged and were dealing with no power for 2 weeks.

Good news; the town is back on the grid, kids are almost all back to school, and things are getting back to normal. So I am going to link up with Lindsey's WIWW over at The Pleated Poppy .

I spent a good amount of time in my pajamas this weekend.  I know that the purpose of WIWW is to inspire moms to get out of the pajamas and out of the yoga pants.  However, it was just one of those weekends.  I was burnt and needed to bum around.  I love these Charter Club fleece pajamas. They were a gift from my very good friend when I had my eye removed.  I wore them from the day I came home from the hospital until I was allowed to shower.

 Top: Chaps by Kohl's
Cords: Bass 
Shoes: Talbots

I thought I looked better in this outfit.  Someone's been eating too many bites of Ritter Chocolate with Hazelnuts - and its going to her thighs!

I loved the neck and ruffle along the midline on this shirt from Kohl's.  I nabbed this shirt last year from their clearance rack for $5.

I like the ruffle at the bottom of the sleeve as well.

 Jeans: Chaps by Kohl's
Boots: Fat Baby
Vest: Land's End
Top: The Loft

Dress: The Gap
Boots: Frye "Campus"

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