Friday, November 16, 2012

Required Reading

Finding time to read has gotten a bit harder lately.  My husband happens to be very good at his job, and as such, he is in high demand.  He has been requested by other offices to travel and do some work for them.  In today's economy that is a good thing.  It does make it a bit more hectic around the house though, and makes my day stretch out to about 10pm each day.  That leaves me about a half an hour to either read, check emails/Facebook, catch some Law and Order, or write a blog post.  Its why I haven't posted much lately; I've tended to go with emails and Facebook.  And a little bit of reading.

First, I read this.  It was okay.  Just okay.  Typical James Patterson.  It was good while I was reading it, but when trying to recall details for this post, I couldn't.  I actually couldn't even remember the name.

Now, I have moved on to the latest Patricia Cornwell book:

Its horrible.  HORRIBLE!  I loved the first 8 to 10 Kay Scarpetta books.  They were well written, interesting, and entertaining.  I looked forward to each new book in the series.  Then, something happened.  I came across some interviews with Patricia Cornwell while googling for an image of this book cover.  The lady is crazy.  And it shows in her writing.  I commented at Goodreads that I suspected she had a series case of depression.  Now, after reading the interviews and news reports, I am armchair diagnosing depression wrapped up in a whole lot of crazy.  I suspect I won't even finish this one, and that I will stop reading her books all together.  I am about 100 pages in and I don't even think Kay Scarpetta has gotten to the dead body yet.  Instead, I've been reminded how smart, rich, paranoid and unhappy Lucy is, just in case I missed any of that in the past 20 books.  I've also been reminded how odd Scarpetta and Benton's relationship is, just in case I forgot.  Trust me, I've tried to forget the whole "Benton is dead, no he isn't" plot line that took place a few books ago.  And Marino is still angry.   And drinking.  Shocker.

Jeez Louise.  I think I just finally convinced myself it is okay to just return this unfinished to the library.

That will leave me time for this:

I've been looking forward to this and have even read a bit of it, and I think it is going to be good.  I have read another book by this author, and really liked it.  A teenage boy goes missing more than a decade ago.  Someone is now returning him to his family one bone at a time.  Intrigued?  I know I am.

I have some doctor appointments coming up and will be spending time in the waiting rooms and can use some reading suggestions.  So, what are you reading?

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