Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Bomb Diggity of Waffles!

I am a rock star in the eyes of my kids right now.  Because I didn't just make them waffles for breakfast, I made them the most awesome, bomb diggity waffles EVER!  Thank you Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy for the idea.

So how can you make the best waffles ever? And this of course is assuming that like me, when you use the term "best" you are talking about taste, and not healthy.  For a healthy recipe check out this one at The Petite Athleat.  But for my mouth died and went to heaven waffles, just do this:

Get out your waffle maker, your non stick spray (I'm a sucker for Baker's Joy) and a roll of cinnamon rolls.  Oh, and Detective Eames!  I'm a Law and Order junkie.  Wasn't Detective Eames incredible on her recent guest spot on L&O: SVU?  I about died when she tilted her head like Goren use to do while questioning the terrorist.  Love me some Benson and Stabler, but I miss Lenny Briscoe and Bobby Goren.  Sad face.

Warm up the waffle maker and then slap two of those bad boy cinnamon rolls on there.  Close her up and let her work her magic!

Viola!  Cinnamon roll waffles.  My kids ate them too fast to take a picture of them with the icing and local maple syrup on top.  They have already asked for them for tomorrow too.  Amazingly, they were easier to make than to put the roll of cinnamon rolls in the oven and baking them traditionally.  I find that if I forget to set the timer, I forget about them while trying to multitask and then the bottoms get too toasty.

Adding to the ease is the clean up.  I have never mastered the art of putting the right amount of batter on the waffle maker.  I either don't put enough or put too much - and that is a mess!  Because my waffle maker is electric, I can't submerge it and clean it.  So cleaning off all the spill over can be time consuming.  As you can see, these don't over flow.  I was able to quickly and easily wipe off the surface of the waffle maker.  Its the little things that make a difference in my life!

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