Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Virgin Post

Another blog.  Another preppy blog.  How much is too much?  Perhaps it is my own feeling of self importance, but I haven't yet found a blog that really fits me.  So instead of wasting time looking through all those out there, why not do my own?

I'm a woman who loves all things preppy.  Except apparently, my men.  My husband is NOT preppy.  My husband is pick up trucks, ATV's, camouflage and testosterone.  My husband couldn't identify seersucker let alone would he ever be caught wearing it!  And as we have built our life together, I am finding myself with an evolving style caught somewhere between preppy and redneck. 

Fortunately, I live in the land of LL Bean.  A feminine flannel seems a much better choice than Lilly Pulitzer when my day will include volunteering at the school, cleaning house and moving firewood.  I am lucky to be surrounded by other women like myself - former fashionistas, former preps, former owners of their own style.  Now, we are slaves to practicality.  You have to be if you live in northern New England and can't afford to have someone else do all the dirty work living here entails.  There is snow to move, air so cold it will freeze your nose closed, and humidity so high you will forget you freeze the majority of the year and wonder why you never had central air installed.  And then there is the mud.  There is a lot of mud.  So much that I am sure I will dedicate and entire post to mud season and why that is the reason I have Wellies but refuse to spend money on Jack Rogers sandals.  As a result, the women tend to be very free of passing judgment as they too have had to sacrifice fashion to function. 

But every once in a while the planets align and I get a chance to push the multitude of fleeces to the side of the closet and find some of the nicer items stored safely in the back.  And as my children get older and my need to deal with the elements decreases, I imagine those moments will multiply and I can actually enjoy my pearls, seersucker and monograms without fear of destroying them.  

Until then, I will live vicariously through my Pinterest account and this blog.     

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