Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My First "Try It" Tuesday

I love Pinterest.  Sometimes.  One thing I don't love is finding a beautiful coat, or an interesting top and then finding out it is no longer available.  There should be a time limit on all clothing and merchandise pins.  Once an item is discontinued or sold out, those pins should disappear.  

But I digress.

I have been finding recipes that look delicious.  I keep pinning helpful hints that if they worked would make life easier, and crafts with a finished product that doesn't appear too "crafty".  

I have made a decision to actually try some of the recipes, crafts and hints that I have pinned before I pin anything else.  Just as putting goals to paper increase our likelihood to take action to make them a reality, I thought that going public with my plan would make it more likely that I would follow through.

Today I am reporting on a hint I saw a while back and pinned to my board Tips .  It is for homemade soap scum "killa".  It involves mixing equal parts hot vinegar and blue Dawn dish detergent.  I microwaved 1 cup of vinegar for 2 minutes and poured it into a spray bottle that contained a cup of blue Dawn dish detergent.  The original hint makes a point of telling us that it must be the blue Dawn!  I shook the spray bottle to mix the two ingredients and then went to town spraying it all over the showers in my home.  The blog I traced this hint back to said to leave it overnight, but I worried a bit about the blue foam staining the grout.  So after about an hour, I went in and used the flexible shower head to spray down all the walls and the inside of the tub.  

I was extremely happy with the results.  I ran my hands along the tiles and found no traces of any soap scum and thankfully, the grout was not affected at all by the blue coloring.  I was also pleased to not have to worry about breathing in fumes.  This is definitely a hint that will become a regular part of my weekly cleaning routine!  

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